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    Tempoic flag. Colors are similar, but NOT the same as the Canoic colors, as Tempoic has a different definition, and is similar, but is not the same thing.

    Tempoic can be used to refer to any part of an individual's identity, but most commonly refers to temposexuality. It means someone who's identity temporarily changes due to being unable to live as their initial identity. This is not to be confused with the term canoic, which refers to when someone is questioning their identity due to being unable to enact it, rather than their identity specifically changing because of it. Temposexuality refers to someone who's identity temporarily changes due to being deprived of their usual target of attraction. Once they are exposed to the gender/s they originally thought they were attracted to, their identity will revert back to normal or may permanently change to a new identity. Temposexuality only applies to an individual while in their deprived situation. The temposexual individual has no way to know if their identity is more than temporary or not until they can get out of the situation and be exposed to who they were originally attracted to, to gauge whether their attraction has changed.

    The tempoic pride flag.

    For example, if a heterosexual girl is in a girls' boarding school, she will have limited exposure to men and may develop a temporary attraction to other girls. And upon leaving the school, may return to heterosexuality, or may realize they are in fact a lesbian or bisexual, etc.

    Being tempoic can also apply to other parts of an individual's identity such as gender. Tempogender would refer to someone who lives as one gender and for some reason has to temporarily live as another gender. They begin to identify with this new gender and are unsure whether this is a permanent change to their identity, until they get out of this situation and have the option to live as they had done initially.

    The tempobisexual flag.

    The situations that can cause the change to an individual's identity can be vastly different from individual to individual, but all have the same sort of effect. However, it is important to note that the change in identity is not by choice. The situation either helps an individual discover a new part of their identity, or confuses them about their own, often due to a desperation to have relationships, appease others, or feel more comfortable in themselves.

    Tempo- can be used as a prefix before the identity that it specifically applies to, such as tempobisexual, or temponon-binary, for example. In this case, the pride flag would be a stripe of the tempoic flag down the middle of the individual identity it applies to.

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