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    SRI pseudo-asexuals

    I detailed my stance on the addition of "SRI psuedo-asexuals" on this page in a comment on this community post, however I will also copy paste it here:

    1) Post SRI PSSD has no place on the asexual page. Mentioning it only seems to reinforce the misconception that asexuality is a medical condition and seems to discredit asexuals who have been on SRI medications at any point in their life. It also seems to equate asexuality to libido or sexual action, which in untrue.

    2) I have found no other mentions of "SRI asexuals" or "pseudo-asexuals" on the internet. It seems as though the people with this condition are not identifying as asexual and there does not seem to be any need for a label. In the 16:27 edit the user does add sources, however these seem to go against their argument. In the sourced posts the affected people are clearly distressed; understandably, as PSSD is can be a serious medical condition. However, it is not a sexuality. It's entirely possible that these people still feel sexual attraction to the same gender(s) they did before, however they now lack the ability to act on those feelings. This is clearly a sexual disorder and those effected by it would prefer it to be reversed. Calling these people "pseudo-asexuals" seems horribly offensive, not just to asexuals but also to people who suffer from this condition.

    To the person adding this to the asexual page; please stop attempting to add information about this, any further attempts will be deleted. This is not the place to discuss sexual related medical conditions. If it later becomes apparent that there is in fact a need for this terminology and there is a community of people using these terms I will reconsider this decision. However, neither of those things seem to be present at this time.

    Chaoticcylinder (talk) 03:50, March 12, 2020 (UTC)

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