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    Tabaxicoric is a coric xenogender related to tabaxicore.

    Tabaxicoric Flag
    Tabaxicoric Flag Alt
    Tabaxicoric Flag With Ears
    Tabaxicoric Flag Alt With Ears

    Some aspects of tabaxicoric:

    • nature
      • fields
      • forests
      • mountains
    • animals
      • cats
        • curious cats
        • adventuring cats
        • sunbathing cats
        • friendly cats
      • forest animals
      • other animals
    • plants and flowers
    • curiosity
    • adventure
    • collecting
      • collecting shiny things
      • collection leaves, rocks, etc
      • collecting other stuff
    • junk journals
    • warmth
    • positive feelings

    Common colors of tabaxicore:

    • natural browns, tans, greens, yellows
    • other cat colors
    • pastel blue, purple, pink, coral, and yellow.


    The original flags made by IAmArtemisTheCat on the LGBTA+ Wiki, on April 30, 2022.

    Top brown stripe stands for nature and adventures. Top green stripe stands for life and curiosity. Tope yellow stripe stands for positive emotions and warmth. Top off-white stripe stands for xenogeners, coric genders, and possible fluid genders. Bottom off-white stripe stands for cats and other animals as well as collecting. Bottom yellow stripe stands for light and sun. Bottom green stripe stands for plants. Bottom brown stripe stands for tree bark, dirt, and other animals. Blue is for masculine-aligned. Purple is for flowers. Pink is for feminine-aligned. Orange is for morning/midday to sunset/twilight. Yellow is for other gender alignments or lack there of.

    The ears emphasize the animal/cat theme of the aesthetic.

    Based on the alternate versions of the genderkirin flags.


    This term was coined through this page, and has no outside resources. May have been mentioned before by the same user, IAmArtemisTheCat, on other platforms with other username(s). Coined by IAmArtemisTheCat (also known as Story the Cat) on April 30, 2022.

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