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    The systemfluid flag.
    headmatenative systemfluid flag.
    A second headmatenative systemfluid flag,

    Systemfluid, or plurfluid, is an exclusive gender for plural systems in which the identity changes depending on who is fronting. This gender is intended for multiple and median systems alike. This may be a neurogender depending on the system, however its best identified as a xenogender to be non-exclusive.

    Although most systems have headmates of multiple seperate genders, this term can be useful to describe to singlets the seperation and experiences of each headmate. This term can also be useful to closely-knit systems who wish to choose identities together rather than seperately. This term can also be used to describe a single headmate whos gender changes when another headmate fronts, regardless of whether or not they are co-conning or fronting as well.

    This term may also be interpreted as a single headmate who's identity changes when someone fronts. For example, one headmate may feel like a woman if a protector is fronting, even if they themself are not fronting.

    This is an exclusive identity, as plurality is required in order to be systemfluid.


    Systemfluid was coined some time before 2008. It is unknown who coined it.

    Plurfluid was coined as an headmatenative term on November 15, 2020 by an anonymous wiki user. The plurfluid label was coined with non-OSDD/non-DID plurality in mind, as some find the usage of the term "system" is often deemed appropriative or offensive when used by those without OSDD/DID. Though, this is not agreed upon by everyone, and non-DID/OSDD systems have used the terminology since at least the late 90s and there is no evidence that the term was coined to be exclusive [1].


    The systemfluid flag was designed by tumblr user @pastelmemer as late as August 23, 2015. It is based on the genderfluid flag, but the colors are replaced with various shades of green, which is the color for neurodivergence awareness.[1]

    The headmatenative systemfluid flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on November 13, 2020. It is designed to be more inclusive. It is based on the genderfluid flag, but the colors are different so they can show different meanings. Purple represents spiritual systems. White represents polygenic systems. Blue represents endogenic systems. Dark grey represents traumagenic systems. Yellow represents quoigenic systems. The symbol represents systems and plurality in general.

    The second headmatenative systemfluid flag was created by Tumblr user gay-rats-sys. It is based on the genderfluid flag, but borrows colors from the neurogender flag. The ampersand represents plurality.


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