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    The sylphian flag
    The sylphenian flag
    The sylphetian flag
    The sylpherian flag
    Alternate sylpherian flag

    Sylphian, also known as faonian, feorian, or fenian, is a multigender in which one exclusively or almost exclusively experiences xenogenders, pocket genders, and otherwise uncommon identities. Sylphians do not identify with binary genders. Sylphians are not in any way fingender, fiaspec, mingender, miaspec, or anything similar. Sylphians can have any amount of genders. Sylphian can be used as a noun or an adjective.

    Sylphian is the suptilian counterpart to gendersylph. When someone experiences all xenogenders or uncommon genders, they may identify as pangendersylph, panxenogender, or panxenic.

    Variants of sylphian include:

    • Sylphenian: Can experience female, male, feminine, or masculine genders, but not complete womanhood or complete manhood. (For example, sylphenian could be catgender+genderfluff+colorgender+demiboy+demigirl, but not catgender+genderfluff+colorgender+man+woman.)
    • Sylphetian: Can experience female or feminine genders, but not complete womanhood, any amount of manhood, or masculinity. (For example, sylphetian could be catgender+genderfluff+colorgender+demigirl, but not catgender+genderfluff+colorgender+demiboy+woman.)
    • Sylpherian: Can experience male or masculine genders, but not complete manhood, any amount of womanhood, or femininity. (For example, sylpherian could be catgender+genderfluff+colorgender+demiboy, but not catgender+genderfluff+colorgender+man+demigirl.)
    • Demisylphian: Part of one's identity is sylphian, the other is not.


    The sylphian, sylphenian, sylphetian, and sylpherian flags were created by an anonymous wiki user on April 22, 2021. They are based on the gendersylph, gendersylphen, gendersylphet, and gendersylpher flags.

    The alternative sylpherian was made by user TheColorfulCrew, specifically Judi.

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