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    Strawbgender is a xenogender/neogender and subterm of aesthetigender and also noungender. It correlates with moreso the idea of strawberries as an aesthetic, theme, flavor, etcetera rather than exclusively the fruit and it's texture or taste itself. It is not to be confused with it's similar fruitgender subterm, strawberrygender.

    The strawbgender flag created by Sushelli/jevilspamton
    Ditto, but without the strawberry in the middle.

    One who may identify with strawbgender may feel some sort of connection to the idea or concept of strawberries as a fruit, but also as a color, an aesthetic, as a flavor for something like candy or icecream, and many more; it is not exclusive to the physical fruit itself. Individuals may or may not use strawb/strawbs neopronouns to correlate with their identity as strawbgender.

    It may be used as a suffix for other gendered terms, examples being strawbgirl, strawbboy, and strawbenby.


    Strawbgender and the flag itself were both created and coined by Sushelli (jevilspamton on Tumblr) on December 6th, 2021.[1]


    While the stripes are reminiscent of a pastel version of a strawberry, they also have defined meanings for each.

    Seafoam green as a color represents nature and plants. The seafoam green stripe represents the leaves that grow with a strawberry.

    The dark seafoam green stripe represents the fulfilling feeling of identifying with a label that feels "natural" to you.

    The pastel yellow stripe represents inclusivity to both members inside and outside of the gender binary.

    The pink stripe represents the concept and idea of strawberries.

    The pastel pink stripe represents the aesthetically pleasing aspect of strawberries.


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