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    The Stimgender flag by Plushself on Tumblr

    Stimgender is an exclusive neurogender described as a gender that could only be understood or acknowledged while stimming, or is otherwise related to stimming. It may or may not be a fluid or fluctuating gender. This is also an umbrella term for any stim related genders. It can also be considered an aesthetigender, as it can be related to certain visual, audio, or other forms of stimming, however it isnt always considered an aesthetigender. It may alslo be a subset of Autigender, but this isnt always the case. It may also have a connection to another gender, such as stimboy or stimgirl. The term is exclusive only to those who are neurodivergent and stim. Microlabels under the Stimgender umbrella are:

    The Stimgender flag without Neurodivergent symbol

    Verbastimic: related to verbal stims

    Visustimic: related to visual stims

    Tactistimic: related to tactile stims

    Audiostimic: related to audio stims

    Vestimgender: related to stims of movement (such as spinning, pacing, or flapping)

    Orastimgender: related to oral stims

    Olfastimic: related to scent stims

    Propriostimic: related to weight and pressure stims

    History and Flags

    It is unknown when or who coined the term Stimgender, however, multiple individuals have adopted the term to describe their own gender experience. Multiple flags have been created






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