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    Stalgiagender flag by Rainbowraven96 (now Reign of the breadsticcs)

    Stalgiagender is a xenogender that feels connected to the sensation of nostalgia. This could be nostalgia from a specific object, movie, book, etc. If ones is effected by something specific, they may add it to the label. (example: pixar-stalgiagender.) This could also be a gender that fluctuates, changes, or is only felt when feeling nostalgia. However, it may also 'turn on' and 'turn off' when one recieves nostalgia. For example, a stalgiaenby may find nostalgia to be their 'trigger,' and they may remain feeling non-binary until they feel nostalgia once again.


    Stalgiagender was coined by a user going by Anderson on January 3rd, 2021.


    The flag was designed by wiki user Rainbowraven96 (now Reign of the breadsticcs) on February 14, 2021. The blue-white gradients represent the spectrum of emotions and memory (blue is usually associated with those two things). The dark blue stripes represent miaspec and mingenders, the purple stripes represent androgynous genders, the pink stripes represent fiaspec and fingenders, and the yellow stripe represents abinary and atrinary genders.