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    Squigglygender is a Xenogender that is very similar to Bigenderflux but the difference between them is that the genders that you identify as also feel like how you draw a squiggly line, and how it fluctuates is both random but also has some sense to it, again, like how a squiggly line is drawn. How the individual who identifies as Squigglygender presents themselves and that individual's relationship/understanding/perception/expression of their gender may also develop and/or change in the way a squiggly line is drawn.

    It is specific to a squiggly line/how a squiggly line is drawn by how lines can have meaning, intention and help build how an artwork looks by giving it a certain texture in a way. Squigglygender helps an individual perceive their gender better, but is only how that gender feels, and not what it is, similar to how a brush/how a brush is used to draw or simply just make a mark on a piece of paper and how it feels, but it is not the artwork/drawing itself.

    The squigglygender flag.


    The squigglygender flag is a pencil drawing a squiggly line. The pencil represents an individual's gender and the squiggly line represents how the gender feels like a squiggly line. The colours in the background are the transgender pride flag. The squiggly line is the rainbow pride flag. The pencil is the intersex pride flag and also is shaded with black and brown, to represent people of colour.


    Squigglygender was coined on November 26, 2021 by FANDOM user RM69.

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