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    Speuragender Flag

    Speuragender is a xenogender described as feeling as if said person was an astronaut exploring new planets (genders) that takes artifacts and or memoirs of that planet to their home planet for research. (other gender they align with.)

    It may be described as aligning/connecting with a gender, but still feeling a significant amount of gendrfluidity or questioning, so you may incorporate other parts of planets into the gender that is being aligned with; since it may be so vast and not understandable . It can also be described as "linked to the stars, planet and space exploration."


    Speuragender is derived from the term "astronaut" translated into Scottish Gaelic, explaining how said person feels as if they're an astronaut exploring space. Credit goes to Fenix for finding the name for said xenogender.

    Flag Design

    The pastel green on top is supposed to describe how landmasses on maps are usually colored in on green, representing "our" home planet. The pastel violet that follows is supposed to represent a familiar outer space; explaining how the color almost seems dried out. The harsher violet is representing how it's foreign but not exactly dangerous; and in fact; friendly and inviting. The blue represents the same idea as the harsher and more highlighted violet.


    Coined by Twitter user, @Katiuu_ on September 25, 2020; the thread details their own experience and reasons someone may choose to align with this xenogender; either to describe their own experience or just the general feeling of space exploration.


    1. https://twitter.com/Katiuu_/status/1309697379365302272
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