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    Somnisexual flag
    Somniromantic flag

    Somnisexual, Dreasexual, or Sleepsexual, is a form of fluid attraction, where one's sleep schedule changes one's sexuality. This could make one's attraction fluctuate or change one's sexuality entirely until their next sleep cycle. This could also be having a sexuality that changes when one undersleeps or oversleeps, or having a different sexuality in one's dreams than in reality. This can be considered a subset to abrosexual and/or aceflux.

    Some examples include:

    • Being sapphic when going to sleep, and being asexual when one wakes up.
    • Being attracted to men in one's dreams, but holding no attraction to them when one is awake.
    • Being pansexual when undersleeping.
    • Being lesbian when oversleeping.
    • A term for ace-spec individuals, which falls under this umbrella, is somniosexual.


    Sleepsexual was original coined by a vandal who started attacking other identities, but was reclaimed by a user going by Amnisty from the FANDOM account Cryptocrew on December 8th, 2020. It was given the alternate titles somnisexual and dreasexual, in order to sound better.


    The moon and the gray represent sleeping at night, the star represents the starry sky, the yellow represents the sunny day, and the dark blue represents the dark sky in the evening.

    The somniromantic flag was coined by FANDOM user Thistledown15 on December 10th, 2020. The yellow represents celestial bodies (like the moon and stars), light pink represents being awake, purple represents fluidity, lilac represents dreams/dreaminess and blue represents sleep.


    The drea in dreasexual was pulled from the word dream due to the nature of this sexuality and how it may relate to dreams. Somnisexual was pulled from the word somni, which means sleep.


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