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    Not to be confused with soldaric, solderic, soldoric, or solduric

    The soldiric flag.

    Soldiric is term for unaligned non-binary people, nongendered people, and agender people who identify as trans, and are only attracted to, want to be with, or have a preference for other trans and non-binary people. The people they are attracted to can be any gender, as long as they are trans, although a soldiric person may also identify as another sexuality.

    The trans woman equivalent to soldiric is soldaric. The trans man equivalent is solduric. Other non-binary equivalents are solderic and soldoric.


    The terms solduric and soldaric was coined on the Tumblr blog Xeno-Aligned on March 28, 2018[1]. The terms solderic and soldoric were later coined on April 9, 2018 by the user Hour-Of-Houndor[2]. The term soldiric was coined by Xeno-Aligned to go with solderic and soldoric when they post the soldiric flag on April 12 2018[3].


    The color meanings of the flag are as follows:

    White- Attraction to non-binary people.

    Yellow- Attraction to women, lunarians and other women-aligned people.

    Grey- Represents the ‘grey-ness’ and ambiguity of gender and sexual orientation.

    Purple- Attraction to men, solarians and other men-aligned people.

    Black- Attraction to unaligned nonbinary people, stellarians and agender people.


    The word soldiric is derived from the word solidarity.