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    The skalgender flag

    Skalgender is a gender that an individual may identify as despite experiencing another gender. The skalgender is equated to as the 'shell' that hypothetically covers the other gender. This shell is not due to an individual being in the closet about one's gender identity, because a skalgender individual identifies with their shell gender, despite not experiencing it. An example of this is someone who says they are a demigirl when asked, but they actually feel maverique. Skalgender isn't a multigender because a skalgender individual expresses themselves as one gender and experiences another gender.

    Skal- can also be used as a prefix, and thus individuals who are skalgender may also identify with one of the following:

    • Skalfem - An individual who's shell gender is female, a fingender, fiaspec, or otherwise related to femininity
    • Skalmasc - An individual who's shell gender is male, a mingender, miaspec, or otherwise related to masculinity
    • Skalneutral - An individual who's shell gender is a ningender, niaspec, unaligned or otherwise related to neutrality
    • Skalfluid - An individual who's shell gender is fluid between other genders. Subsets of this, like skalfaun or skalfae, can also be used.


    Skalgender was coined by Discord user Sparkk#4892 on June 2, 2022


    Skalgender comes from the word skal, which means "shell" in Danish. This refers to how the gender an individual says they are is a shell that everyone sees, and the gender they feel is what's inside the shell.


    The flag was designed by Sparkk#4892 on the same day as coining. The 2 dark gray stripes on the outside represent the shell gender that one expresses to the world, and the 4 stripes on the inside represent the gender one feels internally. The pink represents feminine genders, the yellow represents neutral/unaligned genders, the green represents xenine genders, and the blue represents masculine genders.





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