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    Sexual abstinence, abstention or restraint is the practice of refraining/abstaining from sexual relations/some or all aspects of sexual activity for any reason.

    Dictionarized adjectivals (abstainer, abstinent, abstentious, abstemious) in English are commonly associated with abstention from ingestion/consumption (not consummation), while some alternatives can be used for general abstention: abstentioned, abstentioner, restrained, restrainer, abstemic, abstent/abstant (abstence/abstance), abstential/abstemial.

    Abstention can be temporary, lasting, voluntary, involuntary, quoiluntary, etc. Usually it’s associated with religion/spirituality, but there are other reasons someone could personally abstain from sex: medical, psychological, legal, social, financial, philosophical, moral, physical, ethical…

    Both chastities and celibacies can be/are forms of sexual abstention/abstinence, while not all abstentions are considered celibate/chaste. Not the same as asexuality or nonlibidoist, as abstinence is behavioral, while asexuality is about feeling no sexual attraction, including those with active sexual life, and libido is about sexual desire/drive.

    The romantic equivalent is romance abstainer.


    The term was first mentioned on the Tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags in May 13, 2021.


    The sexually Abstainer flag was created by Mod AP through the Tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags on May 13, 2021.


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