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    The semian flag.
    The semian flag without the symbol.
    The simplified semian flag.
    Semian (pronounced sem-ee-an) is an identity defined as never being in its entirety for an unspecified reason. In other words, one's identity is partial. A semian individual might describe themselves as such:
    • Due to a blank, unexplainable and permanent space in one's label (this does not suggest that people should incorporate their sense of denial or questioning into their identity).
    • If one is demi- (gender / sexual / romantic), grey- (gender / sexual / romantic) or apathetic in some form and are more comfortable with the label, or want to express their identity further.
    • If said labels above, or others like -flux, questioning, or any form of 'partial' identities do not entirely fit.
    • Because they have a multi-gender identity that leans towards one, and only partially the other.
    • Due to having a strong sexual and/or romantic preference.

    The label semian is not exclusive to these examples. Anyone who feels as though the definition fits them may identify with it. There is also no requirement for said feelings to be intense.


    The term combines the prefix 'semi-' and the suffix '-ian.' Semi is a Latin word meaning 'half.' It is often used in reference to the idea of something partial, or somewhat disconnected. The suffix '-ian' is used to show that something/someone is belonging to or relating to an adjective. In this case, an identity that is partial in some way, belonging to a person.

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