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    The scorpigender flag.
    Secondary scorpigender flag.

    Scorpigender is a zodiacgender based on the sign Scorpio. It is a nonbinary gender that is a mystery, and is very difficult to understand. Many labels vaguely fit it, but almost none can fully describe it.

    Scorpigender can also describe any gender that is in some way related to Scorpio.

    An alternate scorpigender flag.


    The first flag was created on the 10th of October, 2019 by Wikia FANDOM user Chaoticcylinder. Black, gray, and red are used because those are the colors typically associated with the sign of Scorpio. Beyond that, symbolism unknown.

    The second flag was created on the 17th of May, 2021 by Wikia FANDOM users PhysicsAndPuns and Fruitindividual. The waves represent how Scorpio is a water sign. The charge in the center of the flag is the symbol for Scorpio, ♏️. The fluidity also represents how one's perception of gender changes with the position of the constellation in the sky. The top bar represents the sky during the day and its influence, the bottom bar represents the polar opposite (the night sky), and the middle is faded to represent the vagueness of the term.