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    Satyrian, or Satyrigender, is a gender in the Dionysian Gender System named after the Satyrs, the half-faun male member of the Cult of Dionysos. Refers to a masculine, male, neutral, or male-associated gender of experience. Specifically, men, all genders of achilleans, AMAB non-men who feel their relation to masculinity impacts their gender/experience, masculine non-binary people, and anyone of any gender with a tie to masculinity. This gender is also associated with freedom, revelry, impulsivity, community, and wildness.

    Who Were the Satyrs?

    The satyrs were men with the lower bodies of a horse, often in the train of Dionysus. They were known for hypersexuality, wildness, revelry, and music. They are often compared to the Roman fauns, who were similar creatures with half-stag bodies.

    Flag and History

    The Dionysian Gender System, its symbols, and its flags were all created by Tumblr user koraki-pharmakis on June 18, 2021.[1]

    The satyric flag meaning is as follows:

    • Dark brown for forests, wood, and hooves
    • Brown for wild nature, fur, deer, stags, and nonconformity
    • Golden-brown for sun and strength
    • White for community and trans, nonbinary, and intersex people
    • Shades of green for life and the spectrum of masculinity
    • Olive green for forests and fertility


    On October 24, 2021, the coiner koraki-pharmakis posted a statement to faer Tumblr blog stating that fae no longer wanted faer terms on the LGBTA+ wiki due to members disrespecting closed religious terms and the wiki’s lack of adequate moderation and respect for coiners. Fae allowed that the Dionysian Gender System, including Maedic, Thyrsoan, and Satyrian, remain on the site with the requirement that this message be attached and that no flags or symbols created by individuals who were not Hellenist Dionysos worshippers be added to the page.[2]


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