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    The romance-favorable flag.

    Romance-favorable is a romance stance that describes an individual who is favorable towards or enjoys the act or concept of romantic interaction. The term is commonly used by individuals in the aromantic spectrum but is not exclusive to this community or any romantic orientation.

    Romance-favorable individuals, including those on the aromantic spectrum, may enjoy romantic content, romance, or other romantic acts and/or seek out romantic relationships, possibly because they enjoy the emotional sensation, because they want to use it to enhance a sexual relationship, or for other reasons.

    Some individuals may be favorable toward certain romantic acts, while feeling indifferent or repulsed by other romantic acts. The term romance-ambivalent may be used to describe this experience. Some people may have fluid feelings toward romantic acts. The term romance-oscillating may be used to describe this experience.

    Romo-favorable individuals may also identify as icularomantic.


    This term has existed within the aromantic community with no clear first coining for many years. The term was recoined for the purpose of providing a concrete source by reddit user AnonymousHermitCrab on the subreddit r/asexuality on the 27th of April, 2022.[1]


    The romance-favorable flag was posted by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags on January 15, 2018, along with the sex-favorable flag.[2] Although the meaning of the elements in the flag were not displayed in the post, green is known to be from aromantic flag, red is a warm color, leading to believe that it is associated with positivity,[3] and plus sign as an affirmative symbol.

    Alternative Romance-Favorable flag made by discord user light hearted sam#9023

    The alternative flag was made by Discord user light hearted sam#9023 on the 27th of August, 2022. Colors meanings:

    • pink: Romance
    • green: Those who are both a part of the aromantic spectrum and are romance-favorable. Also represents icularomantics and cupioromantics
    • red: Romantic activities. Also represents sex-favorable romance-favorables, allosexual aromantics romance-favorables, and allosexual alloromantic romance-favorables
    • black: Asexual romance-favorables


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