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    The flag by Biggie "PP" Cheese
    The flag without the crack

    Ilroitean, also known as Chipgender or Rivegender, is a xenogender which feels like a piece of any given gender has chipped or broke off, but leaving the gender relatively unaffected. The hole where the original gender broke off can be filled by other genders, but cannot fix it to its original state. It can be a stand-alone term, or can be added as a prefix for any gender. For example, an ilroiboy would originally have been a full boy or man, but a part of it broke off at some point in time. They may have filled the crack with maverique, making them ilroiboy-maverique

    Ilroitean is classified under the matter system. It is not the same as scriostan and bristean, two other genders in the matter system. Scriostan is a gender that feels broken beyond repair, while bristean is cracked, broken, or destroyed to the point of being unrecognisable. Ilroitean manages to stay mostly intact

    It could be considered an aesthetigender, relating to broken objects that are not completely destroyed. It could also be a gender under the demigender umbrella.

    History & Flag

    The term was coined by Biggie Cheese[1].

    • The green represents all neutral and fluctuating genders
    • The yellow represents all non-binary genders
    • The blue represents all masculine genders
    • The red/pink represents all feminine genders
    • The purple/pink represents all androgynous genders


    The name ilroitean comes from the Irish word "ilroinnte," meaning "fragmented."


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