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    Reclaimed Ribbon Eel flag - Previously used by Solar Eclipse Exclusionists.
    Ribbon Eel flag with redefined color meanings.

    A Ribbon Mom (or Ribbon) is a trans/non-cis woman (binary or otherwise) who desires to impregnate someone or has impregnated someone, regardless of if they are lovers or not. Any trans/non-cis woman may identify as a ribbon mom whether or not the individual has currently impregnated someone or is looking to impregnate someone. Ribbon Mom extends further to when the child is born as well, making the term Ribbon Mom or Ribbon one that encapsulates every stage of a trans/non-cis woman's reproductive journey.

    This term is for trans/cisn't women who wish to impregnate or already has.

    The term is not limited to only binary trans parents. Anyone who is cisn't and has the ability to impregnate. The term is often used to describe someone who's already a parent and the child is born, but is being more inclusively expanded to anyone looking impregnate, themselves.

    Masculine equivalent is Seahorse Dad

    Extra Info and Flag

    "Ribbon Eels was chosen as another aquatic animal, mirroring seahorses for Seahorse Dad! Ribbon Eels [the animal] are all born male, but as they mature, they change to female. Black Ribbons are juveniles, blue Ribbons are male, and Yellow Ribbons are female!" -jojohandholder on twitter.

    This flag has been reclaimed and repurposed from the Solar Eclipse Exclusionists.


    This term was coined by twitter user jojohandholder on October 16th, 2021 as a way to reclaim and repurpose exclusionist identities.