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    Main Retrogender pride flag.
    Visual representation of retrogender, lines referring to the first definition.

    Retrogender, shortened to retric, is a gender identity which suggests the nature of one's gender is the complete opposite to what the gender is labelled. It might also communicate that one rejects or finds discomfort with their conforming traits. For example, a woman might be exclusively connected to masculinity and/or feel as though femininity is irrelevant to their gender, thus (or for legitimate reason) reluctant to identify with such. This experience might be significant enough to be considered a part of one's identity, thus this term. Retrogender is similar to butch or rosboy but in the form of a gender due to the heavy importance.


    Adjective Form

    Retrogender can be used as an alternative to terms such as cis, trans, etc. Much like xenogender, it can be seen as an adjective that is absent from the linear spectrum, (cis, demicis, cisn't, transgender etc) but still related to it. Another way of looking at is, it fits between somewhere, but is not pinpointable. Very much like how genderqueer/non-binary might not go into detail.

    Prefix Form - Etymology

    "Retro-" communicates that a individual identifies as a given gender but presents the opposite - It is a way of saying "I am a (gender), despite my persona". Prefixes are known to tie abstract nouns together to form an identity thus the creation of the prefix 'retro'. The term retro means: "denoting action that is directed backwards or is reciprocal", thus it was chosen. It also sounds cool. Here are examples of the prefix being used, alongside their flags:

    • Retroboy: Identifying as male whilst being entirely feminine in nature or disconnected from masculinity.
    • Retrogirl: Identifying as female whilst being entirely masculine or disconnected from femininity.
    • Retronon-binary: Not identifying with a binary gender yet being associated with them in every aspect, or disconnected from what their own gender would stereotypically present as (or androgyny).
    • Retrogirl pride

      Retrogirl pride

    • Retroboy pride

      Retroboy pride

    • Retro-nonbinary pride

      Retro-nonbinary pride


    Retrogender is heavily inspired by Lingirl and Cisn't, and credit is offered to the coiners of those identities. Retrogender was not made with intent to mock or sway those who struggle to accept they are trans. Identifying as retro will always be a personal choice and it is encouraged that individuals do not use it out of pressure or a distraction. The coiner (somemaniac) intended to self-identify and share the term he created. She originally designed it to incorporate individuals that don't find comfort in labels like multigender or androgynous.

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