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    A flag with five stripes. A pastel red stripe, a pastel pink stripe, a pastel magenta stripe, a pastel indigo stripe, and a pastel blue stripe.
    The regressfluid flag.

    Regressfluid is a term used to describe someone whose gender changes while regressed. In other words, one's gender is affected by age regression and/or species regression. This term is exclusive for those who regress.

    It is similar to littlefluid; however, it can be used by species-regressors as well. It’s also meant as an alternative label for age-regressors who don't use terms such as ‘little’ and/or ‘littlespace,’ or simply prefer using other terms.

    Those who are regressfluid might also identify as one or more of the following:

    • Regrenomifluid - describes someone whose name changes while regressed.
    • Regrepronounfluid - describes someone whose pronouns change while regressed.
    • Regrexpressionfluid - describes someone whose gender expression changes while regressed.


    The term was coined by Tumblr user synpa-tee on July 24, 2021.[1] Regrenomifluid, regrepronounfluid, and regrexpressionfluid were coined by the same user on July 25, 2021.[2]


    The regressfluid flag combines the genderfluid flag with both the age regression and pet regression flags. It has five stripes: pastel red, pastel pink, pastel magenta, pastel indigo, and pastel blue. There are no meanings.


    The prefix 'regress-' comes from the word 'regression.' The suffix '-fluid' refers to gender fluidity, and is used for orientations or genders that change.


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