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    The termcollector flag by Ellipsist.
    An alternate termcollector flag by Ellipsist.
    Second alternate termcollector flag by Ellipsist.
    Third alternate termcollector flag by Ellipsist.
    Alternate termcollector flag by DConan010.
    Alternate termcollector flag by unknown.
    The ravencollector flag consists of rectangles that shrink to the middle. Only the inner two can be seen completely. The middle one is black, then follows a grey one, a blue-ish grey one, a dark blue grey-ish one, a blue one. In the middle a raven sketch can be found. It shows the side few of a raven's head. Eye and beak are black with white highlights, the rest is dark grey with a light grey lining.
    Alternate ravencollector flag by Drachenauge

    A termcollector, also called ravencollector, or collectorraven, is an individual who uses many labels to describe their gender and orientation, as well as many pronoun sets, "collecting" labels and pronouns that fit them. Anyone who has multiple labels to describe their gender and/or orientations, and/or goes by multiple pronoun sets, may identify as a termcollector. The hoarder equivalent termhoarder is often considered exclusive to those who experience their term collecting as a form of hoarding, related to one's neurodivergence.


    Termcollector was coined by FANDOM user Ellipsist on August 22nd, 2020. The official flag and three alternate flags were created on the same date, by the same user. A fifth flag was created by Reddit user DConan010 on January 4th, 2021.[1]


    The first flag is based off of the kiwihoarder and turkeyhoarder flags. It uses the colors of a raven, namely black, gray, and dark blue.

    The second, third and fourth flags are based on the colors of a raven (black and dark blue), and the colors of a raven's cache, shiny objects (gold and silver) and eggs (white). The white can also represent the shininess of the objects ravens steal. The silver and gray can also represent rocks and pebbles because ravens are also known to steal those.

    The fifth flag is a simplified version of these flags.

    In the sixth flag, the grey represents the hollow feeling of gender or being unsure of one's identity. The gold represents hoarding or collecting many terms to classify as, like a dragon's collection of gold in mythology. The red represents the metaphorical dragon laying atop it's collection, or the termcollector with their terms.

    Another alternate ravencollector flag, the seventh shown, was created by Tumblr user Drachenauge on November 9th, 2023. It is based on the original flag by Ellipsist but features a dark grey side-view sketch of a ravens head instead of a light grey birds skull to reflect the raven in "ravencollector".[2][3]


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