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    The Pyralignment System is a system of gender alignment intended for use by dragonkin who feel that they experience gender in a uniquely dragon-like way. It is not exclusive, however, and may be used by anyone whose gender relates to or is influenced by dragons, or who just likes the system's aesthetic.

    The names of the system and the genders are inspired by the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland[1], but one is not required to be a fan of or even know anything about Wings of Fire to use the system.

    The alignments are all meant to be used as adjectives. To use one as a noun, remove the "-ic" ending.


    • Pyronoctic - draconic masculine (possibly miaspec)
      • "Firey Night," named after NightWings
    • Pyroceanic - draconic feminine (possibly fiaspec)
      • "Fiery Ocean," named after SeaWings
    • Pyromeritic - draconic neutral (possibly niaspec)
      • "Fiery Desert," named after SandWings
    • Pyrolutic - draconic androgynous
      • "Fiery Mud," named after MudWings
    • Pyroglacic - draconic outherine
      • "Fiery Ice," named after IceWings
    • Pyridic - draconic xenine (possibly xiaspec)
      • "Fiery Rainbow," named after RainWings
    • Pyrocaelic (draconic agenrine)
      • "Fiery Sky," named after SkyWings


    Combination Alignments can be made by stringing together multiple "alignment partials" in order from least to most important, with the most important alignment at the end followed by "-ic." The individual alignments may all be experienced at one time, or one may be fluid through them.

    Alignment Partials

    • noct(o)-
    • ocean(o)-
    • merit(o)-
    • lut(io)-
    • glac(io)-
    • id(o)-
    • cael(o)-

    Example Combinations

    • Pyromeritoceanic: primarily feminine, secondarily neutral
    • Pyrolutidic: primarily xenine, secondarily androgynous
    • Pyridonoctolutic: androgynous, masculine, and xenine

    Demi, flux, and fluid Alignments

    Partial alignments are represented by placing "ap(io)" (bee, named after HiveWings) at the beginning of an alignment combination. Examples include:

    • Pyroapionoctic: demi-masculine
    • Pyroapidiolutic: demi xenine and androgynous

    To indicate that one's alignment fluctuates in intensity, the suffix "folic" (leaf, named after LeafWings) is used. Examples include:

    • Pyromeritiofolic: neutral, with fluctuating intensity
    • Pyridoceanofolic: xenine and feminine, with fluctuating intensity

    Pyropapilic (butterfly, named after SilkWings) describes an individual who is fluid through, or otherwise experiences, most or all of the alignments in the Pyralignment System. One can also opt to add the alignment they identify with most, if applicable. Example:

    • Pyroceanopapilic: most or all alignments, but with a focus on feminine


    The system was created by VoxelDraqon on December 6, 2020[2][3][4]. Demi, flux, and fluid indicators were added one month later, on January 6, 2021.


    The flags were designed by Keterodyne[5].


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