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    The pronoungender flag

    Pronoungender, often stylized as (pronoun)gender, is a gender that is described by the pronouns one uses. This can be used as placeholder-type gender for if one is unsure of what one identifies as just yet, or to describe someone who their pronouns are so closely tied to their gender identity that they cannot be separated. It is a non-specific way of being non-binary.

    the "(one's pronoun/s here)gender" format can apply to any set of pronouns. examples include, but are not limited to: theygender, aergender, shegender, hegender, neogender, nounselfgender and itgender.


    The term was coined by Tumblr user botking, on or before August 5th, 2014.[1] The term was likely coined via a post by the Tumblr account MOGAI-Archive, however, this cannot be confirmed for certain, and it is possible that the term's first and original coining was posted elsewhere.

    A list of terms posted by MOGAI-Archive was archived on August 5th. This list includes the term (pronoun)gender, and appears to be the earliest available record of the term being referenced. (Pronoun)gender must have, therefore, been coined on or before August 5th, 2014.[2]

    The MOGAI-Archive blog has seen been deleted, and botking's Tumblr blog has also since been privated or deleted, so the only available record of this term's coining is in the form of reblogs.


    The flag was coined by Tumblr user nebularomantic on February 7th, 2019. It has no confirmed meaning.[3]


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