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    A princessgender flag, coined by wiki user Norarreeeeeeeeeeee to go along with her recoined definition

    Princessgender is a xenogender revolving around one's gender being similar to princesses or the generalized aesthetic of princesses, especially Disney princesses. This may be considered feminine in nature or fiaspec, but it does not have to be.

    The original definition of princessgender was a gender that was "soft but grandiose", "majestic, imposing, and grand, but also prim, cute, and ethereal." It could include that one's gender expression is "soft and feminine, but commanding and confident."[1] It was intended to be less grand and intense as a term like regisgender. This term is female-aligned.


    Princessgender was originally submitted or coined by an anonymous person who shared or posted the definition and flag of princessgender, along with pringender and princegender, to the Tumblr blog pride-color-schemes.[1] That post was released on June 13, 2017.

    The original princessgender flag, created anonymously on the Tumblr blog pride-color-schemes

    Not knowing of the original coining, user Norarreeeeeeeeeeee on the LGBTA+ wiki recoined princessgender with a different meaning than before. This page was the origin of the definition first provided.


    As released with her coining of princessgender, wiki user Norarreeeeeeeeeeee created a princessgender flag. She stated that the colors of the flag stripes did not have any specific meaning, but that she associated them with the Disney princess Cinderella. On the flag, there is an overlay image of Cinderella, as she considered Cinderella to be a "default" or well-known Disney princess that she associated with this gender.[2]

    With the original definition of princessgender by the anonymous post or submission to the Tumblr blog pride-color-schemes, a flag to represent princessgender was also released. There is no confirmed meaning of the flag, though purples and pinks are often associated with femaleness or femininity, and the tiara could potentially represent the concept of being a princess.[1]


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