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    The Pluralquoi Flag

    Pluralquoi, or Sysquoi, is an identity exclusively for systems to use. It defines a system member who - in the innerworld - does not know their AGAB and/or sex, and does not know whether they are altersex, cissex, etc. For example, a headmate who is a man may identify as pluralquoi because they do not know if they are a cis-man or a trans-man, and does not know their AGAB.

    This can be useful for many types of headmates, especially introjects and walk-ins. They may have exomemories that confuse them on their assigned gender, or (in the case of fictives) if they share the same gender as their source, they may be unsure of their assigned sex, as their source may not be confirmed to be cis.

    A second definition of pluralquoi is when a system member is questioning their gender, orientation(s), etc. In this case, they may also identify as quoigender, quoisexual, quoiromantic, etc. They could also identify as pluralqueer or queer, but they do not have to.


    Pluralquoi was coined by FANDOM user Uncertified Funny on June 10th of 2021, to assist a user in finding a comfortable term for several of their system members.


    The pluralquoi flag was designed by Uncertified Funny on June 10th of 2021. The pink stripe represents orientation questioning, orange represents all systems regardless of their origins (ie. endogenic, traumagenic), white represents uniqueness, green-blue represents questioning, purple represents gender questioning, and the four overlapping circles represent plurality, as it is a common symbol representing it.


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