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    The friendship-indifferent flag

    Friendship-indifferent, also referred to as friendship-neutral, plato-indifferent, or plato-neutral, is a friendship stance that describes an individual who has no strong feelings regarding the act or concept of platonic interaction. The term is commonly used by aplatonic spectrum individuals, but is not exclusive to this community or platonicity.

    Friendship-indifferent individuals are not repulsed by platonic interaction or concepts, but they also do not have any favorable feelings towards them. Friendship-indifferent individuals may choose to engage in platonic activities for the enjoyment of a partner, artistic expression, etc.

    Some individuals may be indifferent toward certain platonic acts, while feeling favorable or repulsed by other platonic acts. The term friendship-ambivalent may be used to describe this experience.


    The friendship-indifferent flag was designed by Tumblr user arco-pluris on March 12, 2018. It is based on the sex-indifferent and romance-indifferent flags.[1]


    This term has existed in some form in the aplatonic community and was recoined for the purpose of providing a concrete source by AnonymousHermitCrab on the subreddit r/asexuality on April 27th, 2022.[2]