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    The first made phingagender, with pole symbolism, staying more true to it's inspiration.

    Phingagender is a gender where one feels as though they were originally one gender, but it was suddenly and quickly, "pierced" by another gender, which changed the original gender. For example, a phingagender person could identify as lunarian, but be pierced by agender, and then they would be demixenogender. The three genders need to be different, but they don't have to relate to each other or be connected in any way.

    This gender's idea was inspired by the story of Phineas Gage, who tragically had a tamping pole pierce through head and lived. He had a different personality after the incident.


    The term was coined by FANDOM user Truly T.E.A. on January 12th, 2022.[1]


    An alternate phingagender flag with two colored stripes, staying more true to the piercing description.

    The term is pronounced either Fin-guh-gender or Fin-gay-gender, however, the coiner prefers the former pronunciation.


    The flags were sketched by the coiner, FANDOM user Truly T.E.A., and polished by FANDOM user CowsLoveCoffee. Additionally, FANDOM user Ablobontheinternet(AKA Marie), provided critique on the flag and inspired some more alternate flags. The pole symbolism in the original flag is an attempt to stay true to the story of Phineas Gage. However, the alternate flags express the piercing description.


    An alternate phingagender flag, but with only one spike on the top so the flag couldn't potentially be mistaken for the British flag recolored.
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