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    The original paragirl flag.
    The four stripe paragirl flag.
    Alternate paragirl flag without the symbol.
    Alternate paragirl flag by strwbryfemme on Twitter.

    Paragirl, also known as Parafemale or sometimes Parafeminine, is the female subset of paragender. Parafemale individuals identify mostly as a girl/woman, but not entirely. The female part makes up 51-99% of their gender. The other 1-49% can be any gender or combination of genders, but the most commonly reported is agender. Paragirl is similar to demigirl, but it is more specific because with paragirl the girl part outweighs any other gender(s).

    The male equivalent of paragirl is paraboy. The non-binary equivalent is paranonbinary.

    Paranonbinarygirl is like paragirl and paranonbinary but leans more on the nonbinary side.


    The paragirlflux flag.
    Alternate paragirlflux flag with 11 stripes by Nice and Branwen.
    Alternate paragirlflux flag with 9 stripes by Nice and Branwen.
    Alternate paragirl flag by Clear.Skyes.

    Paragirlflux, or parawomanflux, is similar to demigirlflux. At one's most female one is a paragirl. At one's least female one may experience other genders.

    The male counterpart is paraboyflux. The non-binary counterpart is paranonbinaryflux.


    The terms paragender was coined by Tumblr user queerspike some time around July 10, 2014, but presumably before[1]. The paragirl flag was created by the Tumblr blog Pridearchive on July 24, 2014[2]. Grey represents partial gender. White represents a lack of gender. Red represents femininity as it's close to but not quite pink. Orange is close to red on the color wheel, representing the “near-ness” of paragirl. Another flag was created by user strbwryfemme.


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