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    The panimesexual flag.
    Alternative panimesexual flag by user Selfship
    Alternate panimesexual flag by ElderflowerJuice

    Panimatesexual is a sexual orientation to fictional characters of all genders. The term is a combination between animatesexual and pansexual. A panimatesexual person is exclusively, or almost exclusively attracted to fictional characters, and they are attracted to animated characters regardless of their gender.

    One can combine panimatesexual with other orientations for real life individuals. For example, one could be gay and panimesexual at the same time, meaning that one is attracted to real people of the same gender, but attracted to fictional characters of any gender.

    Flag meanings

    For the first flag, it is a side-by-side of the pansexual flag and the animatesexual flag. For the left side, the pink represents attraction to women, yellow represents attraction to non-binary individuals, and blue represents attraction to men.1 For the right side, light blue represents the parody and sports anime genres, blue represents the fantasy and mystery anime genres, grey represents manga and anime as a whole (including all genres not represented by the other four stripes), pink represents the romance and horror anime genres, and yellow represents the comedy and slice of life anime genres.2

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