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    The pangenderfae flag.

    Pangenderfae is a multigender that is a combination of the concepts of pangender and genderfae. It is described as when one is simultaneously all genders, except for genders that are masculine or male aligned. Alternatively, it can be described as the static counterpart to genderfae.

    The masculine counterpart to this is pangenderfaun. The neutral counterpart is pangenderflor.


    Pangenderfae was coined by an unknown person, but Tumblr blog uncommongenders designed the original pangenderfae flag. The colour meanings are unknown. [1]


    The original pangenderfae flag.

    The newer pangenderfae flag was made by a FANDOM user under the name Shadowowlwolfie[2] the meanings provided behind each color are:

    Yellow: non-binary, neutral genders

    Pink: female/feminine genders

    Purple: the absence/lack of feeling male/masculine genders

    White: the lack of gender/agender identities and other gender identities, and unity[3]