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    PWHP (People Who Have Penises), or IWHP (Individuals Who Have Penises), is a term for anyone who has a penis, regardless of gender.

    Other terms used for this concept include PHP (People Having Penises); PEPs (Penile People); or, formerly, POP (People of Penises) and IOP (Individuals of Penises).

    PWHP includes individuals who have had a penis from birth and individuals who have had sex reassignment surgery to create a penis. The term includes most cisgender men, non-binary individuals who have penis either from birth or through sex reassignment surgery, transgender women who are transine or pre-transition, some intersex individuals, transgender men and other transmasculine individuals who have had sex reassignment surgery, and some transsex/altersex/AFAB-P women.

    PWHP is a term designed to combat the ideology that having a penis is what makes one a man and to promote gender-neutral language and terms. The term also allows simplicity in describing genitalia in medical situations, such as sex education, where describing individuals as "male" may ignore the existence of intersex and transgender folk.

    A similar term to PWHP is wolffian, however wolffian refers to having every trait of a male, not just a penis. One who is wolffian is also a PWHP, although one who is a PWHP is not always wolffian.

    Related terms are PWHV and PWHN.


    The term was coined by Cryptocrew on March 13, 2021 in order to help relieve dysphoria and discomfort in many genderqueer individuals. The alternate wordings of PWHP, PHP and PEP were created by Wiki user foreigntoolmaker on September 30th since some people were uncomfortable with POP. Weniviere, the coiner of the term, did not realize that the original wording "people/individuals of penises" sounded uncomfortable, due to English not being her first language, and has since acknowledged this grammatical mistake and embraces "PWHP/IWHP" as the main term.

    The flag was designed on March 17, 2024 by Tumblr user genderstarbucks.[1]


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