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    The omnique flag.
    Omnigay flag by neopronoun on Tumblr
    Omnigay flag by neopronouns on Tumblr
    The omnigay flag.

    Omnique, omnigay, or semperque is a form of genderfluid and abrosexuality where one's gender identity and/or sexuality changes so that one is always defined as gay or queer, blurring the line of one’s gender and orientation. This can take two forms:

    In the first form, one's gender changes to match the gender of whoever one is currently attracted to or in a relationship with. One's sexuality is always "gay" but one's gender changes in response to who one is attracted to.

    In the second form one's sexuality changes in response to one's changing gender so one is only attracted to people that match the gender one is currently experiencing. For example if one feels like a man then one is only attracted to men, if the next day one feels like a woman then one is only attracted to women that day.

    In the third form, one is multigender, or their gender identity might consist of several gender identities melding into one (i.e. midbinary), hence they're comfortable with describing their attraction to any gender as gay.


    The alternate omnigay flag.

    Omnigay was coined on or before July 30, 2014 by an unknown person.[1] The original omnigay flag was created on or before August 30, 2015 by an unknown person and has the gay flag overtop the genderfluid flag.[2] The redesign of this flag was soon created by the Tumblr user neopronouns.[3]

    Omnique was coined by the Tumblr user Shadowofthedude through a submission to ask-pride-color-schemes on May 29, 2017 as a noun version of omnigay.[4] The omnique flag was meant to resemble the genderfluid and omnisexual flags as well as the rainbow flag. Omnique also includes “third genders” such as maverique.

    A alternate omnigay flag was created by the Tubmlr user Salpphos on January 8, 2019[5]. It is a combination of the sapphicdiamoric, and achillean flag colors and is in a configuration similar to the trans flag.


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