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    Omniflux, omnisexualflux, or omniromanticflux is a sexuality and/or romanticality in which one can experience sexual and/or romantic attraction to all genders with varying intensity. The term flux indicates a fluctuating, varying intensity of a sexuality or gender when used in LGBTQ+ terms and labels. An omniflux person can have different intensities of attractions to different genders, while still being attracted to all genders. For instance; an omniflux person can feel attraction towards female-aligned/feminine-aligned genders more, compared to how much they are attracted to abinary/anonbinary genders at the time. The various intensities of attractions to genders can be expressed with percentages, e.g. one can say they have 70% attraction to male-aligned/masculine-aligned genders, 50% attraction to abinary/anonbinary genders, and 30% attraction to female-aligned/feminine-aligned genders at the same time. These percentages and/or intensities can change overtime, thus fluctuating, being flux.

    A pride flag for omniflux people. From top to bottom: Light green, dark green, dark gray, dark orange, light orange.
    The omniflux flag

    The terms omniromanticflux or omnifluxromantic can also be used to indicate a romantic-only version of omnifluxity.[1]

    Much like the relativeness between genderfluidity and fluxfluidity, this term is a sub-category of omnisexuality, which means an omniflux person can just identify as omnisexual if they wish to do so. Labels related to the flux term are often used by people who find comfort in having a more specific label, so this may seem unnecessary to some, but is valid nonetheless.


    The omniflux flag's stripes were inspired from the omnisexual flag, but has different colors and meanings. Original flag was created by Foxivity on January the 19th, 2021.

    • Light green color represents attraction to binary genders
    • Dark green color represents fluctuation/fluxity
    • Dark gray color represents attraction to all genders
    • Dark orange color represents fluctuation/fluxity
    • Light orange color represents attraction to non-binary genders


    Omniflux was coined on January the 19th, 2021 by user Foxivity.


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