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    the OCDgender flag

    OCDgender is a neurogender which can only be understood in the context of having OCD or when one's OCD greatly affects one's gender or how one experiences gender. It is not OCD as a gender, but is a gender that is so heavily influenced by OCD that one's OCD and one's experience of gender cannot be unlinked.

    OCDgender can be a standalone gender or it can be combined with other genders (OCDboy, OCDgirl, OCDnonbinary, etc.) to show that one's experience of that gender is heavily influenced by having OCD.

    Not everyone with OCD identifies as OCDgender, only those whose gender is influenced by them having OCD. OCDgender is an exclusive gender as, obviously, people without OCD cannot have a gender influenced by OCD.


    OCDgender was coined by Tumblr user Magic-Gender-Support.[1]


    The flag was created by since-deactivated Tumblr user Impillowsoftnsquishy. The flag's meanings are unknown.