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    The nightgender flag
    An alternate nightgender flag
    Another alternate nightgender flag

    Nightgender or Nighttimegender is a xenogender where your gender where your gender feels connected to nighttime, the night itself, or things that exist or happen at nighttime. A similar term is Noctisgender.

    Nightgender has also been used to define a gender that feels agender but in place of gender, it's filled with darkness. This definition is similar to Tenerbrigender.


    Nightgender was originally coined by Sapphire Crimson Claw, a controversial Tumblr user,[1] on March 1, 2017.[2] The term was given a new definition by Wikia FANDOM user Meiko-is-shifting.[3]


    The current flag was made by Wikia FANDOM user Meiko-is-shifting on December 11, 2020. The dark purple stripes stand for the night sky and darkness. The dark blue stripes stand for nightgender people who are more introverted and love the coldness and feeling of being alone. The lighter blue stripes stand for people who are more extroverted and embrace the warmth and feeling of being surrounded by animals and creatures during the nighttime. The light gray stands for animals that appear during the nighttime, such as wolves, foxes, owls, and bats. The white in the middle stands for mythical animals, such as werewolves and vampires, and the actual moon.

    The first alternate flag was created by Missing-Mogai-Labels on or before November 28, 2020. The black & grey stripes are the same as the agender flag, because at it’s core, nightgender is an agender subset. The blue tones refernece dark nights and coldness. The middle stripe being very visible is also stolen from the agender flag, as the middle one in that flag is the only one with color.[4]

    The second alternate flag was created by Tumblr user MogaiCrow on October 25, 2020. The colors are based after the different colors of night.[5]


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