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    The Muliebrisian Flag by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4
    The Muliebrisian Flag by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4 without the moon

    Muliebrisian is an umbrella term for anyone who is feminine presenting and/or feminine aligned, fluidly or not. This includes cisvestic women, rosboys, femmes, twinks, demigirls, Lunarians or other feminine aligned or presenting folk. Someone who is expression fluid, for example, may feel feminine at some point, and be categorized as Muliebrisian at that time.

    The masculine equivalent is virilislian

    The androgynous equivalent is mulvirlian

    The neutral equivalent is neutersian

    The agenrine equivalent is nullusian

    The xenine equivelant is peregrilian

    The epicene equivalent is parilisian


    The term and flag were coined on February 5th 2021 by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4, the flag representing the moon, which is culturally known as a feminine presenting entity in history.


    The term Muliebrisian comes from the Latin word "muliebris", meaning "feminine, girly".