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    Monopoly pride flag
    An alternate flag - Monopoly with a Monoamorous preference
    An alternate flag - Monopoly with a Polyamorous preference
    An alternate flag - Monopoly with no preference
    The first monopoly flag with higher quality

    Monopoly or polymono is a term that means one is open to having either a monogamous or polyamorous relationship. Someone might have a preference for one or the other, but still are open to any. Someone who identifies with this can be any sexual, romantic, or other orientation as well.

    Similar terms include ambiamorous, though those who identify as monopoly can have a preference.


    The term was coined by Scratch user @Moon_Light321 and another who has asked to keep its information private at an unknown point.


    The flag was coined by an unknown individual at an unspecified point. It is unknown if it has a meaning.

    The first two alternate flags were designed by Wikia FANDOM user Pinkieshy 1012 on February 19, 2021. The colors are copied from the original, the symbols on each side indicate the preference. The heart with the infinity symbol is from the new polyamorous flag and the symbol with two rings and a heart are from the new monoamorous flag.

    The third alternate flag was designed by Wikia FANDOM user Emberfrost-cat on March 12, 2021.[1] The flag is likely a derivative from the fist two alternate flags.