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    Mirous Attraction is a type of attraction where one has a libido spike (a non-libidoist becoming a libidoist due to an individual) or feeling sexually drawn to someone because of the way they look or how they present themselves. This is distinct from sexual attraction, as sexual attraction is a form of physical attraction based on a desire for sexual interaction (sexual intercourse, sexually touching/groping, etc) with a particular individual, whereas mirous attraction is simply the desire to look at and admire/gain enjoyment from looking at someone sexually. It is similar to and is often compared to/seen as the sexual version of aesthetic attraction. It can also be described as a strong desire to gaze in admiration at someone who incites sexual interest/sexual-related thoughts or feelings. This can include their physical features, their curves and shape, their bearing, how they move, how they dress, etc.


    The term was coined by PennedWriterz on October 4, 2021, as a way to create a term for "individual-based attraction" unrelated to sexual attraction or libido. One can often mistake individual-based arousal as sexual attraction; however, one is based on an individual or aspects of an individual that activate one's sex drive, while the other is a direct desire for sexual actions with the individual. It was also created as an alternative term for miransexuality (or visual sexual attraction) as a separate attraction label, as the term "visual sexual attraction" implies sexual attraction.


    The term "mirous" comes from the Latin word "miro" which itself is the variation of "miror." It means "I gaze, I marvel at."

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