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    Mirajgender flag

    Mirajgender (Miragender) is a non-binary gender identity defined by its tendency to be unpredictable and mysterious.

    It is a gender encompassing many different variants that are felt differently by the person identifying by it.

    Gender Theory

    Mirajgender is a gender that contains two distinct archetypical "sub-genders" which the person who identifies as Mirajgender feels. These two components are the "real" and the "mirage". The "real" component of gender is the gender which matches the internal state of a persons gender identity, this can vary from person to person, making Mirajgender a sub-class or sub-structure to the Non-Binary gender umbrella, its an umbrella gender which includes people who have this two gender component relation. The "mirage" is the gender which the person represents as, or commonly believes are their real genders, usually the gender assigned at birth, this "mirage" component varies from person to person, where some people believe the "mirage" is a fragmentation from their real gender identity, or is an idealistic view of what they want their gender identity to be; or even an imagined gender due to trauma. There can also be multiple "mirages" which causes gender confusion at times. These "mirages" can also morph and divide into separate gender entities and fragment. Mirajgender should be used to describe your genders, not define it.

    Misinterpretations of Mirajgender

    Mirajgender has similarities to many genderfluid umbrella gender, the difference being that gender has two components which do not have to be fluid for one to identify as mirajgender, whereas being genderfluid requires you to feel or have fluidity in your gender.

    Mirajgender's two gender components are often mistaken as being bigender when in reality it is the dissonance felt between two gender archetypes that a person who identifies as mirajgender feels.

    Mirajgender is commonly referred to as being DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder, along with many other common dissociation disorders, While it may be common that the people who identify as mirajgender have DID, anyone can identify with mirajgender, so long as they have these two gender components. These gender components can be experienced by anyone.

    Mirajgender's multiple gender components are also commonly mischaracterised as being "separate entities" from the host, and not being apart of the person who identifies as mirajgender, whilst the "mirage" is widely considered the "fake" or "idealised" version of the gender component, it commonly manifests throughout and within people who identify as mirajgender.

    Mirajgender is also commonly misinterpreted as referring to two-spirit people, but this is not the case, these gender components are completely separable and distinct

    The Flag

    It is currently unknown who designed the flag, but the different complimentary opposite colours represents the divide and changes between the "real" and the "mirage" gender components, the black/dark middle represents the disconnects between the two components.


    The term "miraj" or "mirage" commonly interpreted to mean an optical illusion, in this case referring to the "mirage" gender component, which depicts the two gender components, and how the "mirage" is interpreted as the "fake" or "imaginary" gender component. "gender", a common suffix used for genders.

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