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    A flag with seven stripes. The stripes are (from top to bottom) mint, green, aquamarine, blue mint, charcoal, black, and mint.
    Original flag by Maple System.

    Mintastesque, otherwise known as mintavoric, is a xenogender that is connected to or described by specifically the flavor of mint. For some it may be clear, strong, and bitter, while for others it may be more subtle but definitely present. It can be used individually or alongside other genders/identities.


    The gender was originally coined by tumblr user(s) Maple-System on October 26, 2021.[1] The original coiner was a member of the system named Technoghost, who had been comparing their gender to flora and mint before eventually realizing it closest matched the flavor of mint.

    The word "mintastesque" is derived of three parts; mint, taste, and esque (meaning "resembling" or "in style of"). The alternative name, "mintavoric" comes from the words mint and flavor.

    Flag and Meaning

    Technoghost/Maple System included an original flag in their post, along with the meanings behind the colors. They described it as such:

    "the flag is made up of six colours, one of them is repeated. from bottom to top, we have

    mint - just mint, really

    black - represents strong and bitter

    charcoal - represents strength and supporting the other colours/flavours

    blue mint - a combination of mint, which is mint, and blue which represents openness and freedom

    aquamarine - represents fresh and the freshness of mint

    green - represents nature, strength, and growth

    mint - two, electric boogaloo"

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