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    Queenofhighschoolland's mechangender flag
    Queenofhighschoolland's mechangender flag without the gear emblem

    Mechangender, also known as mechagender and mechgender, is a neurogender associated with robots, androids, AIs, and other sentient mechanical beings, in which someone feels a disconnection with humanity or being human due to their neurodivergence, and thus feels a disconnection to the human understanding of gender. It is similar to aliengender, though mechangender differs in that, like a robot, the gender feels 'man-made'. While mechangender may imitate a human gender in the same way a robot may imitate a human, it will always be fundamentally different and separate. Only neurodivergent people can identify with this gender.

    The name Mechangender comes from 'mechanical' or 'mechanism'.

    Mechangender can be combined with feminine, masculine, or androgynous genders or alignments to make the Mechangirl, Mechanboy, and Mechanenby identities.

    Someone who identifies as mechangender may also be robotkin, andriodkin, or AIkin, though not necessarily.


    The term was coined and the mechangender flags were created on January 13, 2021 by the user queenofhighschoolland.


    In the mechangender flag, the warm browns and oranges represent metals like gold, brass, and copper, as well as femininity and feminine identities. The cool greys represent metals like silver, steel, and gunmetal, as well as masculinity and masculine identities. The white stripe in the middle represents androgyny and non-binary identities, as well as gender non-conformity. The gear represents the different ways a neurodivergent mind functions, and the mechanical aspect of the gender.

    In the mechangirl flag, the colours keep their meaning, but the warm oranges are changed to a pink colour similar to rose gold, representing a more feminine identity.

    In the mechanboy flag, the colours keep their meaning, but the cool greys are changed to a turquoise colour similar to oxidized copper, representing a more masculine identity.

    In the mechanenby flag, the colours keep their meaning, but are changed to a more harmonious mixture of the cooler and warmer colours, representing a more androgynous identity.


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