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    The marsexual flag.

    Marsexual and Marsromantic are an overlap between genderfluid and strayt boy. A marsexual person is a genderfluid strayt boy who feels dysphoric calling themself strayt when they are exclusively female aligned and thus uses this label when not using the label of strayt. They could also dislike ever calling themself strayt/straight due to its gendered connotations.

    It can also refer to a genderfluid person who is exclusively attracted to binary women, feminine-aligned non-binary people, and unaligned or multi-aligned non-binary people.

    The marsromantic flag.


    The flag color meanings are as follows: Dark blue represents attraction to binary women. Medium blue represents attraction to female-aligned non-binary people. White represents attraction to unaligned non-binary people. Light blue represents attraction to multi-aligned non-binary people. Grey represents genderfluidity.

    The marsromantic flag has the same meanings, but with different colors.