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    the Malificae flag
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    an alternate Maificae flag
    another alternate Malificae flag

    Malificae is a xenogender that is in some way related to magic or witchcraft.[1] It's up for the user’s interpretation, but it may have a magical or "witchy" feel. It may have connections to spells, sigils, rituals, and other types of magic. It may feel related to a specific path or practice of magic. For example, a cottage witch might experience it as being homely, cozy and related to nature, while a sea witch may experience it as simultaneously harsh and gentle, vast, and liquid. Malificae is a personalized gender so that means it's something different for everyone. One does not have to practice witchcraft to be this gender.

    It does not have a suffix that can be replaced with a gender (e.g. it can’t be used as malificaexoy), but if paired with another gender, it may look like this: “I’m a xoy and malificae.” “They’re a malificae lykh, but they’re also juxera.” “Kit is a malificae girl.” However, it can be paired with prefixes and suffixes (e.g. malificaefluid, malificaeflux, demimalificae).

    Malificae is similar to witchgender; however, Malificae is a broader term, while witchgender is a specific gender. In its first definition, witchgender is associated with feminine and androgynous expression, while Malificae is less specific and more individual.

    Similar terms include Beltanic, lunarchthonicgender, magicgender, magiogender, witchcoric, and witmilian.

    History and Flag

    Malificae was coined on November 18, 2018 by Xeno-Aligned on Tumblr. The flags were created at the same time.


    1. Malificae (archive) (original lost) (reblog)
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