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    Mahut (מהות) is a Jew-exclusive gender term for genders with unexpected, uncommon, and/or undefinable experiences. They might be defined as 'different,' in any way that a gender can be different (such as distortion, unpredictability, inconsistency, detachment, connection, being influenced by emotion, mental state, beliefs, relationships, and environment, or defined by an object, concept, sound, image, idea, aesthetic, outside force, or other target that isn't typically associated as something involved with genderness).

    Mahut is not an umbrella; a Mahut is someone whose gender is affected by things like music, mental illness, or relationships, all unusual experiences that don't fit any other category. So any Mahut can experience being Mahut differently from another, but the shared trait is that their experience isn't within the experience that other Jewish genders follow.

    It's also a term for a gender experience that can only be defined by what it's NOT, but any pinpointing further than that is difficult.

    The closest non-Jewish genders that would resemble this one is this gender would be Xenogenders, complex genders, Neurogenders, relationship genders, orientation genders, and many others.


    Mahut (mahh-hoot) is Hebrew for "essence, quality, character; the nature of something".


    Mahut was coined by Tirednowhasablog, a reformation Jew, in June of 2021.


    While this does resemble Xenogender, Mahut is more of an adaptation of the idea that gender experiences are varied, but some fall far outside traditional categorization (like Male and Female). Mahut is a gender that is an experience unique to itself, but isn't completely detached from the Jewish collective of genders the way Rekani is.


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