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    The lovesexual flag.

    Lovesexual is a sexuality that changes depending on who someone is attracted to. This would usually be used if someone is only attracted to their partner(s) or their partner(s)'s gender. One who is lovesexual may have no gender preference or no attraction at all, until they have started a relationship with someone. For example, one could be aroace, but when asked out by someone they are close to who is a woman, they gain attraction towards women. This attraction may end if the relationship ends.

    An easier way to describe it is that lovesexual people fall in love with people and not gender. It's somewhat like pansexual and demisexual, but slightly different.

    The romantic counterpart is loveromantic.


    Lovesexual appears to have been coined on October 10th of 2020‎ by Wiki user Anja0.

    Alternate Lovesexual flag.


    The first flag was coined by an unknown at an unspecified time. It has no confirmed meaning.

    The second flag was coined by a user going by Adora on January 5th, 2021. It uses the same colors of the original in the background, but with meaning. Dark red represents personality, pink represents attraction, and white represents bonding. The dark purple in the heart represents the spectrum of genders and the light purple within the heart represents the spectrum of sexualities. The blue figure represents masculine people and masculine genders, the pink figure represents feminine people and feminine genders, and the purple figure represents anyone outside of the masculine and feminine spectrum or inbetween the spectrum.



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