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    Lovelessromantic flag

    Loveless Romantic or Lovelessromantic is a term to describe those who cannot feel love or feel disconnected from love, but can feel romantic attraction or not feel disconnected from the concept of romance.

    This can be its own orientation or paired with other labels, an example being "loveless biromantic". Individuals on the alloromantic and aromantic spectrums can identify with this term and is not exclusive to those on the aromantic spectrum.


    Loveless romantic was coined on May 17th, 2022 by Tumblr user Loveless romo.


    Alternative Lovelessromantic Flag

    The flags were coined in the same post from Loveless romo. The first flag was inspired by the loveless aromantic flags. The green stripes stand for lack of love and those who are aromantic, the magenta stripes stand for romance and those who are alloromantic. The bluish purple and cyan represent individuals whose lovelessromanticism is its own thing, rather than lovelessness and romanticism separately.

    A Third Alternative Lovelessromantic Flag

    An alternative flag was designed to be the same as the first flag, but with four stripes of purple and cyan on each side instead of three.

    A third five-striped flag was also designed in the same coining post.

    An Alt Flag by endermogai

    Another alternative flag was created by Tumblr user endermogai on October 28th, 2022.[1]



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