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    The libranonbinary flag
    Libranonbinary flag (alternate) by Fruitindividual and PhysicsAndPuns

    Libranonbinary is a gender where one is mostly agender but experiences a small amount of attachment to a gender that is not male or female but is still gendered. It's similar to deminonbinary, but is more specifically partially non-binary and partially agender, with the agender part outweighing the non-binary part, while deminonbinary is partially non-binary, partially any other gender(s). Libranonbinary people might also consider themselves transgender.

    The masculine equivalent is libramasculine, the feminine equivalent is librafeminine, the androgynous equivalent is librandrogyne, and the fluid equivalent is librafluid.


    The first libranonbinary flag was uploaded by Fandom user Chaoticcylinder on July 20, 2018. The symbolism is unknown.

    The alternate libranonbinary flag was uploaded by Fandom users Fruitindividual and PhysicsAndPuns on May 17, 2021. The symbolism is similar to the flag of libragender but with the exception of the grey stripe being replaced with gold. The symbolism is as follows:

    • Swallowtail shape represents partial lack of gender
    • Agender symbol represents agender lean
    • Black represents absence or lack of gender
    • Green represents agender and libragender as a whole
    • White represents presence of gender
    • Gold represents the lean towards non-binary identity