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    Original Les4Les flag by les4lesflag and rubilyrider
    Alternate Les4Les flag by epicbutchwife
    5 stripe variation based on epicbutchwife's design.

    Lesbian Loving Lesbian, also known as Les4Les, is a term for lesbian or woman-related individuals who are exclusively attracted to other lesbians or woman-related individuals. This term can be used for those of any gender. One may only engage in relationships with other lesbians because one may relate to them more, for safety reasons, or for any other personal reasons.


    The original Les4Les flag was created by Twitter users les4lesflag and rubilyrider on or before September 2, 2021.[1] The brown stripe represents lesbians of colour due to how much they have been excluded from the community wrongfully, to show support of lesbians of colour. The wine coloured stripe symbolises strength and compassion, wine is also a symbol of Venus (widely acknowledged in the lesbian community) hence the red wine colour. The pink lily stripe represents femininity and admiration, lesbians have a unique appriciation and admiration of unique femininity. The cream/white stripe represents Venus and love, it also includes GNC, masculine and trans lesbians. The jade stripe is based on a Chinese lesbian love poem called ‘For the Courtesan Ch’ing Lin’, since in the poem her partner’s body was compared to jade. The nature stripe represents how throughout history lesbians have used nature and the Earth as a way to describe their unique love and connection to it, often via metaphors. The violet stripe is since violets have been used as a symbol for lesbians throughout history and they symbolise pure love and determination.

    The alternate Les4Les flag was created by Twitter user epicbutchwife on or before September 7, 2021.[2] It has no confirmed meaning.


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